Android Book App Maker

Android Book App Maker

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Android Book App Maker specializes in building eBook apps for Android devices with no need of your any programming knowledge. It helps convert txt and word docs to flipping or sliding book apps with considerate function & features that contains look & feel, search, bookmark, book info, copyright protection and eyesight-protecting configure, etc.

The fast function of chapter creation would impress you deeply. Saving project allows you to reuse the same edits in other time or different computer.

Download (6.2MB) Buynow $79

Android Book App Maker Reviews:

1.Android book app maker is a smart book app builder that provides an easiest way to make text files into Android book apps in the shortest time.

2.There are many popular Android app stores for publishing the book apps, even in your own website. You can also embed Admob ads to earn additional commission fee through clicks.

3.The function of international language customization and RTL (right to left) direction switch satisfy people who speak different languages.

4.Health day/night mode switch function alleviates eye strain whether reading in low or bright light situation.

5.The gorgeous flipping or common scroll feature, font style option and font size settings make an enjoyable and interesting reading.

6.Imbedding illustrations feature makes the book more vivid and attractive through demonstrating the content efficiently.

7.Surprisingly, now Android book app maker enables you to create bookmark for your book apps.

8.Search feature allows you access to the content you want more quickly and accurately.

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