How to use Regnow coupon code to get discount price?

In our website, lots of software provide promotions for our customers. Then how to use coupon code to get discount price with the simple steps? Let me show you in details.

Step 1: Choose the needed product from our website, then click "Buy Now" button to the order page.

Step 2: When you fill the required boxes, you can see "Coupon Code" (marked with a red box), then you should fill it with the coupon code that we show you on the product's page.

Use Coupon Code

Step 3: You only need to press "Update" button. Now you can see full price and the special price (with discount).

Clik Update Button

Then fill all of the required boxed to complete the purchase process with a discount price successfully!

Try to order a product with coupon code and get the discount up to 50%.

Request Discount

For the product which you can't find a coupon code on the product's page. You can contact us to get a personal discount. With the Email: