iPhone Contacts Backup

iPhone Contacts Backup

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Transfer your iPhone contacts between device and your computer as CSV or vCard format or export these files directly to other address books programs, like Google Contacts, Yahoo Address Book and etc, backup contacts into local machine and check out in the program anytime, restore all your contacts to iPhone from the backup file, iPhone Contacts Backup will always be your ideal backup and management tool for iPhone contacts information!

Transfer your iPhone contacts between iPhone /Address Books/Computer

Support iPhone 5, iOS 6, and iTunes 10.7 Now

Supported OS:
Mac OS X v10.5 - 10.8, Go to iPhone Contacts Backup for Mac

Download (18.45MB) Buynow $15.95
Download (18.45MB) Buynow $15.95

iPhone Contacts Backup Reviews:

Import Contacts from iCloud, Address Books, Address Book

iCloud: Don't worry about losing your contact info. Importing contacts from iCloud supported.
Address Books: Import contacts from a dozen of Address Book programs including Outlook Express, Yahoo Address Book, Google Contacts, Thunderbird, Aol Mail, Hotmail, Windows Contacts, Apple Address Book, Fastmail, Rediff Mail, Mail.com, Loposte, Orange, Skype, Freenet.de, Incredimail and other address books in format of .csv and vCard(.vcf).
Address Book: Export contacts data in CSV/vCard format directly to other address books like Google Contacts, Yahoo Address Outlook, Windows Address Books and etc to enrich your contacts collection.

Transfer Contacts Information between Devices
This program realizes the possibility to transfer contacts information from one device to another. Now you can transfer all your vital contact information from your iPhone to another iPhone or to other mobile phones, like Nokia, Blackberry, Android phone, Windows Phone and etc.

Export Contacts to Computer
Export contacts to computer in format of CSV or vCard file for backup or check out on your computer.

Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts
Backup iPhone contacts information to local machine and check out in the program anytime without connecting to the device. And you are not afraid of phone breakdown or contacts data corruption, iPhone Contacts Backup can bring all your contacts data back by restoration function.

Friendly for users
The iPhone Contacts also provide many friendly functions like Delete Unwanted Contact Information, Sort Contacts by Different Standards, Save Pictures of Contacts, Search Tool is Available, Display Contact Details in iPhone's Pattern, Multilingual Interface.

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