Windows Mobile SMS Backup

Windows Mobile SMS Backup

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Windows Mobile SMS backup can help Windows Mobile 5 or 6 users to backup, restore and transfer all SMS files between Windows Mobile and the computer as .sms file, .usms file, .txt file and .csv file. Then you also can edit and print Windows Mobile SMS on computer.

Backup SMS between Windows Mobile Phone and computer

Save SMS as .sms file, .usms file, .txt file and .csv file.

Can edit and print Windows Mobile SMS on computer

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Windows Mobile SMS Backup Reviews:

Transfer SMS from Windows Mobile to PC
Transfer all SMS Messages (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Deleted, Send) between Windows Mobile Phone 5/6 and PC for backup, restore. Then you can save Windows Mobile SMS Messages AS TXT file format, .sms file, .usms file or CSV (.csv file).

Print and edit Windows Mobile SMS
Allow you to print Windows Mobile 5/6 SMS on computer.
You can edit any of the SMS messages you have backed up, and then restore back your mobile phone.

Easy to use
SMSManager support windows vista, windows 7
Fast backup and restore speed
Support English, Arabic, French, German, Chinese, etc SMS backup.

Suppport all Windows Mobile 5/6
Samsung Omnia Pro, Omnia II, Jack, Epix
HTC Pure/Tilt 2/HD Mini/HD 2/Touch 2/Touch Pro/Touch Viva/Touch 3G
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1/X2

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